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d right to the party Miami runaway minimal digestion maximum energy repair and rebuild daily nutrition guys by the most complicated thing up youíre so much stuff about it enmity 28 breaks down stupid simple for you guys beget four different types meals guys takendifferent times that's where those meals are a class and Iíll tell you what I'm taken based one directed South liquid pre workout male a liquid post workout meal a liquid bridge The meal and then a solid meal actually realz out was the The touched me as we're gonnahave when we take them it's a pen mark to be sweet around our activities let's take an example or going to work out today to work out today me more activity memory nutrition we need want to work out today is gonna be afree liquid for work out a post liquid after our first workout Alpha XTRM then we have a bridge liquid going into our one solid meal a day then we go into our pre liquid forsecond workout male our post work out with me or second workout and their second bridge as we go to sleep preteen attrition all the way around to the next morning sustained nutrition throughout the day when our body needs it you must go to the supplement for you guys and look at the macronutrients are each one of those meals keep the one thing I talk you guys right now is or once all-male .

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Forum Overview » Beispiel-Kategorie / Example Category » Beispiel-Forum / Example Forum »

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