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even more important
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The purpose a fat in our body is actually to try to store toxins away from the organs and so all of us are walking around with these thatís all you'll toxins in the fact that we have in our body %uh interesting story I helped a I'm a patient this is probably twenty years ago now on deter and he had spent his adult life is already retired this is an older guy but he has spent his adult life working in a paint factory in Dundalk which assaying yeah a suburb of Baltimore and I'm had not had work in that paint factory for you know a good twenty years but when wedded a deter with him all the sudden he started smelling aloof those smells that used to smell while he was in that paint factory in its because those toxins had he had stored in fat and his body was just walking around them it was twenty years and those can haven effect on how the body works so let's talk about enhancing elimination so for someone talk about the organs of elimination because it's not just talking about malfunctioned here liver and the kidneys and belongs and the skin and Lynn in the bowels are all organs of elimination in the body the primary organ elimination is the letter and I meant far in a little bit in detail about how the liver works and why it's important and what's the best way to support liver function up if the body is over well with toxins and or liver is not able to get rid of things as efficiently as it should inthe body will resort to trying to get really things another way the skin is a big huge organ up elimination and many people who have skin issues like eggs in mah um really it's because the body is resorting to using the skin as nor gonna do elimination oftentimes that is a reason to deter and when you do that the skin clears up amazingly even though it may look like exam I or may look like acne or something else so do these organs need assistance well in the days a bowl Dermakin probably not because our exposure to the chemicals is a relatively new phenomenon this is something that only happened since you know really in the industrial revolution so you're only talking about a couple hundred E ok a couple of hundred years and that when looked at from the larger perspective is just a drop in the bucket how long we been here on this planet but because of our modern times because the bar exposures to chemicals seemingly newer ones every .

8/6/2015 8:48:45 AM   
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Forum Overview » Beispiel-Kategorie / Example Category » Beispiel-Forum / Example Forum » even more important

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